Predictable and sensible legal fees

Hourly Services

Most lawyers bill by the hour, and so do I – when it makes sense (commonly in litigation matters or when I’m negotiating with another party). In these cases, I will give you my best estimate of the range of costs that may be involved for each part of a matter, then bill you on an hourly basis. And if you ever need to know the fees you’ve incurred on a matter in the middle of the month, just ask. I want my billing process to be transparent and timely.

Fixed Fee Packages & Services

I offer certain services for a fixed fee to eliminate surprises and help you budget around your company’s legal to-do list.

Legal Strategy Session

For a discounted flat rate, I offer 30- and 60-minute legal strategy sessions, where we’ll discuss your particular legal situation and I’ll provide recommendations to help you decide next steps.

Contract Library

I can develop the agreements you use most often, from customer and vendor contracts to independent contractor agreements and NDAs. I can also provide negotiation tips and alternative provisions that allow you to leverage these tools yourself.

Business Formation

Whether you need standard business opening documents filed or a detailed partnership agreement drafted, I offer custom packages to help you form the business to best meet your needs.  Packages can include business structuring advice, filing articles of incorporation or organization, drafting bylaws and operating agreements, and helping you and your co-founders agree on the terms of shareholder and member agreements.

All packages and services are described for your information only. The scope and price of each package will be customized to your needs.